Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is a godsend in hot, humid climates like that experienced on the East Coast of South Africa, and in workspaces which experience high heat levels, like factories or restaurant kitchens. Centralised cooling systems, air conditioners not only allow us to control the temperature of a space, but also balance the humidity levels. Whether you need to cool down a residential, commercial or an industrial space, we have an energy-efficient cooling system for you! Chat to us

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Invest in air conditioning and feel the effects!

  • Use the thermostat to control room temperature
  • Trap dangerous toxins and allergens like dust particles, mould and fungus
  • Control humidity levels to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and colds
  • Reduce the presence of insects, parasites and other pests
  • Promote comfort in homes, retail stores, restaurants, offices and other workspaces
  • Improve air quality.

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Use Your Air Conditioner for Heating

Did you know that you can use air conditioners to warm up a room, too? Whether you’re feeling hot and sticky or chilly, you can use your air conditioner to keep things at a comfortable temperature. Here are the benefits of using your air conditioner for heating, rather than a heater:

  • Heaters can overload electric circuits, particularly in older houses, and this can cause fires
  • Another fire starter – materials placed too close to a heater, which can catch alight due to radiant heat
  • Air conditioners are thermostat-controlled, so there’s no overheating or electricity wastage
  • Air is distributed evenly around the room – no cold spots!
  • Air conditioners can be set to turn on just before you wake up – no freezing when you get out of bed on cold, winter’s mornings!

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Did you know an air conditioner is 3 times more efficient than a heater?

Summer has ended months ago and winter is getting ready to kick in to high gear, that doesn’t mean your air conditioner needs to be switched off until summer. Air conditioners can be used all year round! Below are some the great benefits of using your air conditioner as a heater:

  • Heater can overload the electric circuits, especially in older house – this can cause fires. Clothing too close to a heater can cause terrible fires due to the high radiant heat.
  • Your air conditioner is controlled with a thermostat so there will be no overheating and no electricity wastage.
  • The air is distributed evenly around the room which means no cold spots.
  • You can set your air conditioner to turn on just before you wake up so you don’t freeze when you get out of bed.

We ensure high quality air and precise temperature control which can be customised to your office or factory requirements.   You can be rest assured when purchasing from ourselves; not only will we supply you with a quality product but also our teams are highly-skilled and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.